Pursue Your Dream Space

Let Donna be your guide as she takes you through the whole process from start to finish, providing you with a plan that delivers day to day function while aesthetically pleasing design tailored to your needs. She will show you that an awesome earth-friendly products do not need to break the bank.

In terms of cost, there are a few ways of billing the client like a lump sum fee, percentage of the construction cost, unit pricing based on the area of the home but she has found that an hourly rate is the fairest and allows for the most flexibility with unknowns with the design process.

Step 1. Scope of Services

Donna works closely with the client to address the functional, economic, and aesthetic demands of each project. Client communication is a vital element at every phase of the design process from the initial schematics through final construction.

The different services that she provides is: construction documents to be submitted to the City or County for permit for a custom residence, addition, remodel or tenant improvement. interior design ideas (floor material & color; wall color or wallpaper pattern; countertop & backsplash material & color) different recommendations for eco-friendly products and materials for the project

Step 2. Schematic Design

During this phase she establishes the scope of the project and determines her client’s needs and desires as well as their time & budget constraints. Site-related limitations and requirements for the project are established by conducting a site survey to evaluate the topography, surroundings and optimal views. The general scope, conceptual design, and the scale and relationship of components of the project are established. The site is planned, general sketches and/or floor plans are created and the client is consulted in order to establish a design to pursue.

Step 3. Design Development

Once the schematic designs are determined, the project begins taking shape. The size and character of the project are further refined and described, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials, and other elements as deemed appropriate. Conceptual drawings, perspectives and hand-drawn color renderings are prepared for client presentation. Donna and the client review the conceptual directions and begin finalizing the design. Building plans, sections and elevations are prepared and once approved, the next phase begins.

Step 4. Construction Documents Phase

Work requirements for the project are set forth in detail. All aspects of the drawings are completed. Final Architectural, Structural and Civil Engineering documents, as well as Mechanical and Electrical documents are prepared for permits, bidding and construction. During this phase we have the strictest quality control process yet for the project, this ensures what is produced at the end is a fully completed and workable set of drawings. We will assist the client in permit acquisition and in the proposal review of contractors and sub-contractors.

Step 5. Construction Phase

This is the phase when all of our collective hard work comes together. Bids or negotiated proposals are solicited, obtained, and contracts are awarded. Plans are submitted in order to receive building permits. Coordinate with contractors answering any design or constructions queries. During the construction of your project, we will make regularly scheduled site visits to observe the progress and confirm that the project is being built as per the prepared Construction Documents. Donna prefers a very hands-on approach to ensure accuracy in the manifestation from construction drawings to the final product and ultimately complete client satisfaction.